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Refinance Rumah & Debts Consolidation

  • Consolidate all debts into one

  • Paying off existing debts

  • Low Interest Rates

  • Your monthly commitment will be 70%-80%

  • Excess cash from the loan can be used for business purposes, home renovation and personal use

  • Clearing CCRIS & CTOS records


SME Loans

  • Increase your business capital

  • Avoiding your business bankruptcy

  • Upgrade business equipment

  • Build a good credit profile

  • Improve the company's sales operations by employing skilled workers

Hardware Warehouse

Land Loans
(Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural)

  • Loan Margin Approval Up to 90%

  • Gives you a chance to breathe before starting repayments as well as comfort in your financial flow

  • The opportunity is open to all Malaysians who want to own their own land, for the success and prosperity of the country.

  * Subject to Terms & Conditions

Agricultural Fields

Sell and Buy Loans

  • The transaction to get cash only takes one to three months after signing the consent letter

  • Protect your assets (Option to buy back at specified time)

  • Resolve emergency situations that require immediate financial support

Conversation Between Colleagues

Avoid From Auction

  • Helping you get out of the problem of your assets that are in the auction process by the bank

  • Low interest rates

  • Monthly payments become low

  • House ownership can be maintained

  • Improve credit report records

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