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Elizabeth Tan

Verstaerker Rolle (M) Sdn Bhd

About Me

About Me

General Manager of Verstaerker Rolle;

Successful Implementor of The ERP System; Ambitious
Businesswoman in The Industry of Rubber Rollers;

Avid Follower of Business Ethics and Values.

Verstaerker Rolle (M) Sdn Bhd (2016-Present)

Possessed knowledge of different business functions and apply them to real-life situations
Displayed strong leadership qualities for the team
Used excellent communication skills to make sure that projects run smoothly
Showcase a strong work ethic, acting as a role model to others
Foster good interpersonal skills, in both herself and others in her team
Paid meticulous attention to detail
Provided clear directions to employees in each of their assigned job duties
Determined staffing requirements and ensure that all office positions are filled promptly to
maintain productivity levels
Managed orientations and exit interviews for employees
Ensured that employees follow all necessary policies and procedures in the company
Managed administrative, logistical, human resources, and accounting services
Answered customer inquiries professionally and ensure customer satisfaction

Key Achievements:
Thoroughly understood the company’s departments or operations
Became skilled at managing, inspiring and leading employees
Made sound decisions for the company
Planned significant changes that revolutionised the way the company works, such as the
implementation of the ERP system
Due to her academic background, she had to learn everything about the industry from
scratch through her own efforts
Improved efficiency and increased profits while managing the overall operations of a
company or division
Oversaw budget, spending and revenue from major projects
Deployed marketing strategies to improve sales
Made satisfactory reports to higher-level managers or executives while supervising lower-level
Hired and trained low-level managers and staff to improve the efficiency of the company
Evaluated each employee from their performance and productivity
Analysed aspects of business such as accounting and financial data
Researched and pointed out growth opportunities
Generated reports and gave presentations about the business

Work Experience




Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (2010-2015)

Developed a keen eye for business, especially marketing strategies
Created strategic and persuasive communications across multiple platforms
Created the most meaningful strategic advertising objective to improve a business
Learned to identify target audiences to maximize effectiveness and efficiency
Determined consumer insights to build the right message for target audiences
Evaluated the effectiveness of media platforms and ad productions

  1. Equipped her with the core values for her career path

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Contact Me


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